I hate being a women

Devon • "I think Coolsville suck..NO DON'T RECORD THAT!"

I don't hate being a women everyday I'm happy with who and what I am but everytime I get close to and on my period I just hate being a women. Like I start thinking about how one day I'm going to get older (I'm 20 btw) and things are going to sag and how I might not be as appealing as I was and how I'm always going to have a period even if I decide not to have kids (which I'm still not sure if I want any at all) and if I don't I'll be looked down on since I'm a women and we should want baby's or how if I do decide to I have to be pregnant my body and everything will change for 9 months then I have to give birth and my body might not be like it used to. And how my when I'm older my husband or boyfriend will still want/gawk over 20 years old. And how its frown upon for women to have lots of sex but a man can have many partners and Etc it's like I just think of all the things women "have" to do/want and I just wish sometimes that I was a man I don't feel like a man it's just when I'm having to have a period every month I just hate everything about being a women.

Side note: I'm not a person who thinks looks are everything it's just one of the things I think about because when are "supposed" to be perky and sexy in society.

Does anyone else feel like this?