MFM referral. Worried.


Here I was feeling confident that my Q Natal came back okay. I saw my 3h glucose results failed and went in to talk about them today. I thought we'd just manage with diet. But I guess they're worse than I thought so I'm already going on meds.

Then she tells me that this early (12 wks) it's likely not gestational, I was probably pre-diabetic before I got pregnant. So now I have all the "high sugar in the first 13 weeks" birth defects to stress about, though I read that I can have my A1C tested. (I forgot to ask while I was there!)

We do an ultrasound to peek at Baby, measuring fine and good heart rate. But my placenta is a little over the cervix. So now I have previa and accretia to start freaking out about as well. (I have a prior C and a prior preterm). I've been referred to MFM for a high risk consult now of course.

MFM is going to call me to schedule next week and I guess now all I can hope for is that they do a SUPER detailed ultrasound that looks for NT issues, hypervascular placenta, and placement.

I've already spent way too much timeworrying about maternal mortality rates. Now I've got the added risk of uncontrolled bleeding or blood pressure to stress about as well.

I'm driving myself crazy. This is our last baby. I just want to survive this pregnancy and have a healthy baby. It feels like everything is stacked against us. 😢