little long, but please read. 11dpo

Today I am 11dpo. I temp and take opk so I am certain of the day I o'ed. This was my first round of clomid days 3-7 @ 100mg. I was already ovulating regularly, but my doctor said the clomid would make me o stronger and give us more dice to roll. So 8dpo I test (too early, I know, but I'm crazy and couldn't help myself) and there was the faintest shadow of a line. The next day, I test with fmu and that test is stark white. No positive, not even a hint of a positive. I was discouraged to say the least, but whatever. A few hours later, I got the inkling to test again because I was sure there was a line the previous day, and sure enough, there's another faint line. Still a total squinter, but it's darker than the first line and def there. When I say I tested, I mean I took like five cheap tests just to be sure they weren't flukes 😂 Fast forward to today, 11dpo. Take a test with fmu, and There might be a squinter, but I'm going to say negative. So I said a little prayer and waited about 2 hours. Took another test, and bam, a darker (still faint) line that I can see no matter which way or how far away I look at it. So I break out the frer. Same urine as the cheapie test. And it's negative 🙄 what the hell?! Anyone else had cheapies pick up on hcg before frer? Am I the only one that prefers to test on smu at this point?
Also should mention that I have had the darkest (like test line darker than control line) opk's the pst two days, temps are high, and I've been randomly bruising all over at the slightest touch. So take a look at the pics from today. Am I nuts? Because I swear I see it