lost ring

My husband lost his wedding ring and isn't really bothering to look for it. 
I have no idea what to do or feel. His parents are here from out of state and he says that's is why.
But he has always been careless with this ring. He forgot it already on a trip and I was pissed about it. Forgot it going to the office or a restaurant with me a few times...
We have only been married a few months.
But this time I am really pissed because we cannot find it anywhere. Do I have a right to be genuinely super angry? Even in front of his parents?
I feel like this is normal. He is angry with me and doesn't get how I am so angry with him. He even says she knows I don't like jewelry I'm not even making a secret about it.
I feel so offended with that dick statement.
Like what?
I don't believe he's cheating I will say that but being disrespectful & careless absolutely 
What do I do....
Thanks everyone! Found the ring! And he promised me it wasn't personal.... and apologized for his carelessness