Would you keep your baby?

So here's the story. Unexpected first pregnancy, fiancé and I had only been together for 6 months when we found out. I have personal convictions against abortions, so now I'm 27 weeks and freaking out. I need to make a decision soon. My family is super geeked for a grandkid, but I'm not excited at all. I feel like I'm trapped, especially because I haven't had time to enjoy my relationship with him, and now a child is going to be dropped in the middle of it. My fiancé says he will be supportive of whatever I choose, but I know he didn't want this baby either. I'm so heartbroken thinking about adoption. I know once I see her I'll be unable to give her away. If I do that, I'll never ever want to have another child, which means this is my only chance. But thinking about all of the responsibilities is crushing me. I'm 25 years old and I wanted time to experience life. I need some serious guidance. What would you do?

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