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I have self diagnosis my self with pcos my case seem to be different for most because from what I read most women are diagnosis with in early stages of the life I am 33 and I have some very alarming problems that say for me that I have pcos I stated having symptoms of pcos when I was 24 and because I was so physical healthy doctors keep telling my body is changing because I was a mother and age. well even though I didn't agree with them I kept watch of my Own body so in 2008 I weight 105 by the summer of o8 I weight 132lbs because of my body type people felt that I was filling out I felt that there was something wrong even thought my body blood work said nothing was wrong so in 2009 I went to have my thyroid check out when by the summer of that year weight 163lb when the blood work was done I was still being told that I was ok but my vitamin d was very low by 2010 the winter I weight 201lbs so i had my tyroid check again to be told that I need to try to eat healthier and that the boils and extra weight gain was because of me getting old I cried because no doctor was hearing my cries I stared growing facial hair that summer and was told to excersie more when I expressed my concerns about my body order and weight gain and facial hair I was told that come with age I was in my late 20 not old still fucrated I stated looking up things I learned in nursing school and found pcos in 2011 so went back to the doctors and was told that my blood work is good no thyroiditis and bo sign of pcos but would give something for the hair froth so I said no thank u because I know I have this even if it not detected on blood work in 2012 I try excrssing to get weight with no real success I kept my weight at 200 lbs in 2013 I gain more weight with success with doctors I kept my hope up and keep get blood work check when my chlostrol came back a little high but my overall score was still below 200 it was only 193 crazy so still complain of now having irregular period and other issues I was told it was because of my weight gain so in 2014 I lost 3 baby back to back with no explanation I expressed to the doctor that conceiving to my pregrancy where strange I was told that was because I have lost one baby at 10 weeks so I got my yearly physical and ask for blood work to be done and for me to be checked for pcos and now my blood work shows elevation in chlostrol elevation in alt liver function elevation in test.hom.glob.blood free testosterone and testosterone all of these and some point to pcos I know had pcos before my blood work said I do I just want to tell someone my story so u know that just because some say ur blood say u don't have doesn't mean that ur body isn't telling u do so hopefully after I start my treat for this I can go back to baby making