Long but I need Advice please

So my husband and I have my friend staying with us for a week from taxes so that she can attend some classes from 7am to 5pm. She's been doing online classes. But anyways last night she came home and we all were in the living room chatting. So I got quite because I was getting tired and I'm 35 weeks pregnant and was ready for bed, by that time it's 10:30pm. We my husband had started drinking and I had no idea that he was until he asked her if he she wanted a drink. I turned my head seeing him puring himself a drink. She said no she didn't want to. So at that point I'm upset that he had offered her some knowing I can't drink right now. So I didn't say I just asked him if his back was still hurting and he said yes. And he went and told her that last time she was here last year he had hurt his back. And had to had whisky and that he got freasky with me afterwards. So I got up and went to the bathroom cause I thought it was awkward. Well she was like thats probably going to happen again and he told her well that haven't happened in a while.. Why would he even tell her that?? Well it's not my fault that we haven't, he had told me that he didn't want to anymore because he felt like he was hurting cause im pregnant. So she changed the subject back to politics and countinue talking. So I was laying on the couch and she was seating next to me. So he continued asking her questions and talking about her traveling and I just closed my eyed because I was so tires and can't entertain anymore. Well my husband just told me to go to bed and I told him that I would in a minute. Well she was hungry and she got up to go get some cereal and they just continue talking. After a few minutes I told them I was going to bed I told her good night and my husband said that good night and that he was coming up. I didn't say good night to him knowing that he would follow after a few minutes. I can hear them laughing downstairs and it took him 30 minutes before coming up but he waited for her until she was done and walked upstairs with her and i heard him said good night to each other. Mind you when I was down stairs with them he had said 3 things that had upsetting me but didn't say anything.

Well he came in bed and I was pretending like i was sleeping. He touched my body and said good night and I said good night but ended up staying up for 3 hours because i was so mad.

Well tonight they both was acting weird around each other and didn't have much to say. She didn't end up having dinner with us and she went to bed early.

I dont know what to say to my husband.. Any advice would be great.