Feeling down..

Rosemary • 23 Alexander 💙 12/09/17 Bump ❤️💙? Due 29/11/18

I think i dont love my boyfriend anymore.. i just feel so irritated and whilst i was sat crying om the floor 28 weeks pregnant because ive been up since 5 and for the past two hours hes been stealing the bed and the quilt and im super tired and i walked out after i pulled the quilt towards me once and he thinks he can go all moody and say its been me all morning cause in the end i had enough and told him it was doing my head in... bearing in mind he said "if i keep taking the quilt why dont you just pull it off me or say something"..

But its not just that. Im fed up knowing everyday i have to do all the cleaning in my flat. Dishwasher, washing, moving stuff, foldong washing.. even moving his clothes to the washing basket. He only hoovers when i ask.. otherwise i do it myself.. hes only interested in what he wants. We had money for baby stuff and he seemed more interested in sorting his stuff out first amd has gone over ehat he would spend personal wise to sort himself out. I keep having this comstant problem where he doesnt give me the slightest bit of sexual attention.. but when you look at hos phone you would think his balls would explode he is thag horny. Hes always looking at other girls. Even caught him with a girl om his "secret" instagram who is his best friends "thing" and he thinks im stupid amd that his friend made him watch over her.. but yet on this secret instagram its basically a wank bank.. full of girls who think its acceptable to rub their pussy infront of a camera.. and here i am feeling like he mever wants to touch me and that my body ismt good enough.. yet when i found his secret account he blamed me and said its all my fault .. he is so determined to have these pictures and videos of other girls.. i think even more than he is of having this baby. He has the effort to make a fake profile and block me rather than helping me and making me feel loved at a time when everything is new. Last year we had a falling out because he kept going on facebook and saving pictures of a girl we went to school with and i caught him jerking off to her in his moms bathroom.. amd he also kept talking to a another girl who he claimed they were just friends but he only replied when he was out of the room. I spoke to said girl and even she said it was weird.. i know they didnt flirt but its how he acted.. i cant trust him. I dont. Im pregnant.. and i just dont think i love him anymore. Ive had enough.. no help.. hypocritical almost all the time. The lies. The secrecy.. Maybe im a fucking idiot. Like i bet he doesnt even love me. I feel like im only with him now because im pregnant. I thought we could work things out since knowing each other 8 years september.. but ive seen people have a ome night stand and get pregnant and the dad is more excited and willing to help out. I just feel lost and i cant find the words to tell him that.. maybe i dont love him anymore. There is no trust.. and he certainly doesnt act like he loves me. I feel used :( i feel like im fake. Im deffo not happy. But could it also be the hormones and lack of sleep.... i just cant believe after everything last time i caught him out.. that he was so determined to make a fake account to go behind my back and make me feel like im not good enough. So yeah.. maybe theres no point. :(