To Cross or Not to Cross, what would you do?

Okay ladies! I am in a pickle. I have recently reconnected with my ex whom I have always considered to be a friend. Our breakup wasn't perfect and he was in the military. 5 years later he's out and working on his career and I explain to him I still see him as my friend and we were young and I forgave him (which is true). We never had sex back then. I've always told myself we would never get together again as a couple because I have standards and don't like to backtrack. And now,  it's almost been a full year for me w/o sex because my last breakup was so bed it has left me broken. I want human interaction and physical attention but Im afraid to Cross the line with him because I really need him as a friend first and for most. Now, besides wanting him to stay platonic with me, we have recently cuddled and slept in the same bed overnight (no sex or sexual activity) and my body still feels ridiculously attracted to him like when we were young and he still drives me wild on the inside. He too just got out of a bad relationship and wants the same things I do but I'm afraid he may want more because he has recently admitted his feelings to me before hand. What should I do? Do I try to stay friends only? Do I have sex with him and attempt to keep things platonic with no strings attached because I know I'm not ready to be 100% all in yet? Or do I give dating him another try eventually because we're adults now and we know what we want? I guess I'm just scared that if we have sex....our friendship now will be flushed down the toilet and I will lose my friend forever. 😞 what do I do? Cross the line or leave it alone?