okay so at 11 I started having contractions and I let them go until 11:30 before I woke my mom up an...

okay so at 11 I started having contractions and I let them go until 11:30 before I woke my mom up and they were almost two minutes apart. We went to the hospital and got there and in a room by like 12:30 or so and I was having regular contractions and his heart beat was good so once they knew I was in for real labor they moved me into the room for delivery and I asked for an epidural and they called the guy to come do it and started an IV and they gave me some mild pain killer but not strong because they knew the epidural was coming but my contractions were getting very strong by then and I accidentally ripped my IV out of my hand and there was blood all over the place from it and that's the first time that I've ever almost passed out from seeing blood. then they had a guy come in to start another IV because I had to have one for the epidural and he tried once in my left hand then pulled it out and put it in my right hand and by now I was having strong strong contractions and I was like "i feel like I need to push" and they were like "no no don't do it yet" 
it felt like the doctor took 90000 years to get in scrubs and come in to the room and they didn't let me push until he did and when he came in he barely even checked me and he was like "you're not getting an epidural. this baby is here right now. I can see his head." and so they told me the pushing concept, the whole hold your breath and push while we count to ten and at ten take another breath and push but only while having a contraction and I had one contraction and I pushed and holy hell it hurt so so bad I didn't want to do it again and his head was already partially out and I couldn't push anymore then his heart beat started to drop and they were like "you have to do it with the next one. push as hard as you possibly can for as long as you possibly can." and I did and I felt his head pop out then they were like "OKAY KEEP GOING" and I wasn't even having a contraction anymore and I felt like I was going to freakin die but I kept pushing and the next thing I knew he was on my belly and they were wiping him off and they immediately put him on my chest and he started crying and I don't even know what was going on with my vagina by then.  I didn't even tell that the placenta was gone. the doctor just kept cleaning up and I kept feeling gushing coming out and the nurse was pushing on my belly then the doctor started stitching me up because I tore really really bad actually and that felt like it took 8 years but he used a lot of numbing so it was okay. and he stayed on my chest for like 45 minutes then they took him because he was looking extra white and I was thinking "well i'm about as white as this sheet so i'm sure he's fine" then they weighed and measured him and also, he was born at 2:47 he weighs 6lbs 15oz and is 20.5 inches long