My best friend

Queen B👑
So this may be completely random but it needs to be said. Last night my best friend texted me asking to baby sit her baby, my godson. It was last minute and I was doing other things and without thinking I said yes. She was gonna go out it was gonna be her first night out on an important date since before her pregnancy. 
Ladies, friendships are like relationships you have to work hard everyday in order to help the relationship grow. Ever since I graduated high school I went through what I thought were "best friends" like crazy and each and every single one betrayed me. Two friends I had joked about my rape, the previous best friend to this one was constantly competing with me trying to bring me down and ruin my relationships with anyone and everyone. This girl, my best friend. I met her my second year of college and I didn't even expect it. Of all the new girls on the team she was the only one I bothered to say hi too I can't say why but without thinking I said hi. And being that we were both going through heart break we began to find comfort in each other and push each other to become better versions of ourselves. We became two peas on a pod we started dating brothers, sharing secrets, showing emotions we wouldn't show to anyone else. She became pregnant and depressed and began to ignore me I didn't talk to her for months I found out she was a mom on Facebook. I wasn't even mad, I was sad that she had to go through this single mom process by herself right away I packed away things for the baby and took her out go to snacks. Two weeks later I end up in the hospital. Can you imagine gaining back your best friend only to fear for her life a few weeks later? She took care of me and stayed with me in the hospital and not once shed a tear in front of me but I know It was horrible for her and that she went home and wept, she didn't tell me until months after. She stayed strong for me the way I stood strong for her! It didn't tear us down  it brought us so much closer together. People envy our friendship, other girls try to tear us apart, guys have tried to throw dirt on us and have us pick sides between each other and te guy and every single time we choose each other. She is my best friend with her I am nothing! We're not the mushy kind of friends we don't say sappy things to each other but we show each other love and respect 24/7. 
She went on a date last night and I hope and pray that this boy sticks, he is a great guy that can make a great stepfather for my godson but mostly I hope and pray it sticks because I hate to see her in heartbreak! She deserves to be truly and forever happy! 
I sincerely hope you all have a friend like this and if you don't I hope you find one! I really hope you ladies do it's an amazing feeling! 
Ps. Sorry for such a long post 😕