Why wait!

Jill • Married to an amazing man. Have a beautiful handsome baby boy. Baby #2 is on the way.
So last month I WAS pregnant. Unfortunately I'm sure it would consider what everyone calls a chemical pregnancy cause I miscarried exactly when I would be 5 weeks. 
I got a positive OPK yesterday and unfortunately couldn't BD with hubby because he was away but we did this morning. So I'm hoping that is good enough to get pregnant seeing as we couldn't yesterday. (Obviously will again today and tomorrow just for the extra boost haha). But my bleeding was only 3-4 days like my typical period when I had the miscarriage. So we figured why wait for my period everyone says your more fertile after a miscarriage. 
So that's what I'm doing just going for it and not waiting. I'm just hoping IF I do get pregnant again I don't lose it, miscarried twice already don't want to again. Haven't told anyone we are trying for a baby so hence the random blurb on here cause everyone here is in a similar boat. 
Baby dust everyone ✨💫✨