sad and confuesd

Okay I've gotten faint lines of pregnancy test that I've been told by multiple people on there that they are positives d by a friend I went to the dr on Friday to take a pee test there they called me back today and said it's negative that there was a bit of blood spotted in the urine and there is a faint line there to try again in two week and I started bleeding this morning it's not a lot right now but I peed in a cup about to see if my line got any darker with first morning urine and sure enough a blood clot and dark blood was in the cup I went to wipe and it was a little bit of a brighter red the dr said the pregnancy test could have been picking up the hormone that's about to start my period but I felt so sure I was pregnant I never have cramping before my period and I have been having it for two weeks since I ovulated my bbt has been high in the 98 range has anybody has the exact thing happen to them and they are still pregnant