Trying to Get Pregnant?

Hi everyone. Just looking for advice and discussion really. I don't like making decisions and often second guess, overanalyze everything, etc. So my husband and I have discussed trying to have kids and deciding if we should start now or wait. I feel bad because we have agreed to start trying, but then I start thinking too much about everything like money, events we have coming up like a big vacation and friends weddings, etc. and then I tell him that maybe we should wait, but then I want try; it's a vicious cycle in my mind. If I think logically then the answer is we should wait, but other parts of me say there is never a perfect time to have a baby and we should just start now. I guess I'm just rambling now, but Idk just wanting to hear others stories about when you decided to try or when you found out you were pregnant and such. Sorry this is a long post. 😆