Finally a night to ourselves

My boyfriend and I finally were at his house alone, and he was about to take a shower but he stood behind me and started rubbing my ass. He lifted up my dress and spanked me lightly before shoving me to the bed, and ripping off my panties. He spanked me so hard, and in between each spank, he would rub and massage my cheeks. Then he finally thrusted into me so hard, and spanked me because I moaned, he continued to thrust hard and fast, grabbing my hair by the roots and slightly pulling my head up. He let go of my hair and turned me around, took off my dress and my bra before pushing me onto the bed again and started spanking my pussy hard a couple times before rubbing my clit and thrusting into me again. He wrapped his arms around my legs and went harder than ever on me. He softened up, thrusted a little bit, before choking me and sucking my nipples, he stopped choking me and started playing with my clit again. He thrusted one more time and finally came at the same as me. He walked away after giving me a kiss, to go take a shower and I couldn't move for a good 15 minutes because I was still in pure ecstasy.😩❤️