Been crying all day and worrying...

I have outdoor cats and today one brought in a vole which was alive. Without thinking I got the cats out of the way, grabbed kitchen roll (tissue paper) and picked up the vole. I then kept an eye on it for a while and noticed it's back legs weren't working and it had a large gash in its side. I then picked it up again and moved it outdoors where I had no choice to end its suffering. It couldn't walk or barely move and was in pain. 
So after crying for ages about having to do that, I then realised I should been wary of rodents and their diseases. I googled about them and now I'm totally panicked that i may have caught something from it. I don't think I touched it directly and I washed my hands after but not right away. I know it pooped a little as well on the kitchen roll. I can't stop thinking about the whole horrible ordeal and worrying now about my baby. 
Anyone have any advice? My midwife said they won't test me unless I feel ill.