Got my Hcg levels back today and...


The nurse told me that they got my Hcg levels back and that they are positive (971) but they need to be at least 1000 before they will see me. So now they want me to go back in a July 3rd to have another Hcg blood draw. The nurse went on to say that they want to make sure they rise properly so they can make sure there are no issues.

I looked up Hcg levels online and here is the chart.

So if I'm correct with how far I should be (5 weeks 3 days). And my 971 is in range...then WTH? Part of me wants to freak out but the other says that with all of my symptoms & stuff everything is okay.

So any thoughts, experiences, should I freak out or are they just making sure that my levels get over 1000 so they can schedule my 1st US? I heard that your levels have to be I think 1000 to 1600 before they can sucessfully see anything on an ultrasound.