I think my marriage is falling apart

I'm married for almost 3 years my husband and I have a 2 month old son.. I am a SAHM. He works only because we can't afford to pay someone to care for our son. Anyways yesterday we went to my moms house for baby to spend time with grandma. So we went to a restaurant to eat and then went to the store. When we went to the store he disrespected me in front of my mom.. I tell him that Im at home watching baby while he's at work and doesn't help out. He then said oh I know you "work so hard" taking care of baby. He also was saying that he doesn't agree with me being a SAHM and I was like wtf wow.. this guy is really always fighting with me daily talking trash about how I'm not working and how we don't have enough money. He gets paid $58,000 a year . I worked for 2 years straight and got unemployment for 6 months and helped him out all the time. Even when I didn't have "enough" and he's here complaining... to me when we got married our vows were for better or worse or in rich or in poor. I'm so stressed out about this.. I tried doing online work like it works and stuff like that nope that didn't work.... now everytime we see each other it doesn't feel like love it feels more like hate .. we don't look or treat each other like we used to.. i talked to him about it multiple times it always leads to arguing and fighting. I guess my marriage is falling apart