husband working out of town

When my husband and I had our first daughter (she's 5 now) he had a job where he worked out of town all week and would only be home on weekends. We did that until she was 3 and then we moved down to where all his jobs were (he does road construction) occasionally he would be somewhere else, but usually home every night. 
Our families lived in our home town 4 hours away. It got hard not being around them (especially with our daughter and one baby on the way) so we moved back to our hometown and bought a house. My husband worked out of town for a while again and then got a new job where he was home every night, but took a huge paycut. Long story short, we got into a bunch of debt (mostly medical bills) and with his pay cut, it's been a struggle to pay our bills, much less get rid of this debt. 
I have been dealing with ppd for a few months. The debt, the lack of money, the fact that I basically work to pay for daycare.. I feel worthless. 
My husband just talked to his old employer and he will start working with them (out of town) next week. He will be gone Monday-Friday again and I'm not sure how I will handle it. Especially not with ppd and two daughters to take care of by myself.  
I know it's for the best, because our money situation has put such a weight on both of us. 
Does anyone else have a significant other who works out of town all week? I'm trying to stay positive about it, but I've lived that life for years and it's so hard sometimes :(