birth control pill

Hey ladies, so I seriously need some feed back. Okay so I started a birth control pill. This is my first time being on it. Before birth control I had a very regular cycle 27days. It came right on time each month. I got on birth control for a prevention of pregnancy while I finish my last year of college. Anyway, so my dilemma is this. I took the pill every day on time. My boyfriend and I usually do the pull out method but I remember a week after Glow predicted me to ovulate he came inside me. However, take note that it was a week after my fertile week so I didn't think I'd have too much to worry about. So fast forwarding. Glow predicted my period to start last Wednesday the 21st in which AF did not come. On Saturday I took my l last active pill and Sunday was my first day of my inactive pill. It's now Monday and I just took the second inactive placebo pill and still no period. No spotting, no anything. I'm kind of worried. Can anyone tell me if they've have this experience the first month of taking birth control or is this normal? I tested Sunday also and I got a negative so I'm like okay maybe I just have to wait. However I still feel like my period should have came.