I can finally share my birth story! (long post)

Zelidee • Momma of 2💕
My original due date was June 27th but my baby boy had other plans. June 21st I went in for my weekly visit. I was 39+1 and only 1cm dilated. My doctor did a membrane sweep, but being a first time mom I honestly thought that I would give birth after my due date or have to get induced. The next day I was feeling really tired, I had bad cramps and my back felt like it was on fire. I had contractions but I figured they were just Braxton hicks because they were not consistent. Around 9:45pm that day I started feeling contractions and they were a bit uncomfortable so I started timing them. They were 8-9 minutes apart! I told my husband I'd wake him up if I felt it was time to go to the hospital. I went to sleep and tried to sleep it off thinking if it was the real deal I'd wake up in pain and just rush to the hospital. And of course around 2am I wake up in pain, go to the bathroom to pee and there I saw my mucus plug! I was thinking maybe I should wait to see if my water breaks but I was in pain and decided to go to the hospital. We get there and I was still 1cm dilated😭. I was still contracting, and so they made me walk around for 2hrs to see if anything changes. They ended up discharging me at around 8am with not progress. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep once I got home. I took a nap and woke up around 10:30am with contractions once again. With fear of being sent home again I didn't even bother to time them, so I decided to just relax and keep my mind off of them. At around 3:00pm my husband went to Lowes..before he left I told him I couldn't take this pain anymore and I told him I'd call him if anything. It's 4:00pm now and mid contraction my water breaks! I was laying on the couch(thank god for couch covers) and rushed to the bathroom so I wouldn't make a mess everywhere. I called my husband and he said " oh shit I'm on my way!" He gets home and we get to the hospital, I couldn't even walk because I was in so much pain! Thankfully there was a nurse that saw us and she grabbed a wheelchair for me and my husband wheeled me upstairs. We get to labor and delivery and my husband says to the nurses "can you let us in we're having a baby". We get inside and they admit me and test my fluids and see that my water had broke! At this point I am 3cm dilated and 100% effaced, with my contractions being 2 minutes or less apart. My birth plan was to go natural, but after being in pain for hours I went for the epidural. I had to wait about an hour for it, and let me tell you it was the longest hour of my life. I felt so weak and kept thinking how am I going to give birth to my son feeling this weak? The anesthesiologist finally comes in and gives me the epidural and it was the best thing that could ever happen. I went from being miserable to being able to sneak in a nap. I wasn't able to feel contractions but I felt pressure in my butthole(sorry tmi). I told the nurse I really feel like I'm gonna poop. She said it was normal to feel pressure down there! Whenever I would contact I'd feel pressure and the need to push. I told the nurse I really need to poop, she checked me and realized that I was ready to push! She had to rush and kept telling me to try and take it easy with pushing, because they needed to set up and get the doctor ready. I told her I can't hold it he's coming out! I started pushing and 25-30 minutes later my son was born! It felt sooooo good to finally have my baby in my arms, but also that pressure of having to poop was finally gone. After my doctor delivered my placenta I felt great! My son was born at 8:09pm, 6lbs 13.oz, and 19 3/4in long! My husband and I cried like little babies😂❤️
I had been looking forward to that day and it finally came. My son is healthy and the cutest little thing I've ever laid eyes on.