When you get your BFP how do you plan on telling your SO? Your family?!


SO and I are on our 4th cycle ttc #2. I'm currently in my tww, but I'm always brainstorming ideas on how I would tell my SO and our families.

For SO, IF I can get my daughter to corporate (she's almost 3) I want to make a video of her saying something along the lines of "Guess what daddy? Mommies going to have a baby!". Then when he gets home I'll tell her to show daddy the video she made. She's alwaaaays making videos and showing him, so he would never expect it!

For our family, we plan on going to Build-A-Bear Workshop and making two very special bears, one for his parents and one for mine. We plan to have our baby's heartbeat recorded and placed inside the bears. I plan to buy two big pretty boxes (well, I'll probably have to make them pretty lol) and then give it to our parents(:

There's still some details we want to add, but that's what we have for now!

So ladies, what are your ideas?!