I have been having blackening tunnel vision..I can tell when it's coming on, as its happened 3 times to me so far, in public. I can usually make it quickly to sit down as soon as I notice it.

But yesterday when I started getting black tunnel vision, I tried to make it just 15 feet to my recliner, and didn't make it, fell, passed out, cut my leg, and then as I was waking up, I was almost pulsating?! It was like heartbeat pulsing, blood pressure or blood sugar?

Has anyone had this happen?

I am very fit, and usually have a resting heartrate of around 55-58 bpm not pregnant, but now am in the 80s, and when simply walking can get to 125 EASY..

Is it blood pressure or sugar?

yestersay it happend right after eating an oatmeal pie, but before it happened (tunnel vision, didnt pass out) after I probably did need to eat...

Idk, dr appointment Monday but I'm hoping this is a random pregnancy thing?

Any comments help!