Is he gay?

I've recently broke up with my boyfriend of 10 months. He was a great guy and great in bed. Knew exactly what he was doing and always wanted to try new things out together: toys, sex in new places, etc. He was great, but he would always do stuff that made me think that he actually might be gay.. he had this best friend who I actually thought was good for him because he never had any friends at all. Anyways, he would always text this friend of his and say "hey babe" to his "straight friend" and it was always because they found it funny or that's just the friendship they had. Idk. I thought it was a joke at first too I would tease them and be like "don't cuddle my man when I'm not here" and they would laugh it off. 
Another time my friend had her new guy come over to our place for some drinks and to get to know her guy. Me and my friend were inside talking and I could hear my boyfriend outside saying "let's go cuddle and see what they say" or something along those lines. I brought it up and he just got mad and said "what you think I'm gay?" Friends have told me about him and said they think he could be gay too but I was just so inlove with him I didn't want to believe it. Maybe I'm naive or just wanted to believe in a perfect relationship. So my question is, have any other ladies experienced this? Even slightly? I'd love to hear feedback!