Stuck between staying or going..

Marissa • I'm just as lost as anybody else • Taking my life day by day

I feel like this answer should be so obvious but I'm so torn. I've recently mentioned divorce to my husband and he completely flipped his attitude (trying to be a better person for me) to try to prevent the divorce. It wasn't something I really want, but something I wanted if he wasn't going to to get his crap together and start respecting me more. I'm the mother of his child, I deserve it. But right after we worked things out he randomly decided he wants us to move to another state (5 hours away from all of my family) so he can get a better job. At first it sounded great. He has a better attitude now, we could have a fresh start, new jobs, a new home....

But then I started thinking. What if he goes back to how he was before? And then I'm so far from my family? It won't be as easy to run back to them. And with our baby? I could just live with my mom here, she's struggling to live on her own. Just me, her and my baby, and I could keep my job, go to school, have free child care. It could all work out so nicely to just stay here. If I feel like this is so do-able, why am I agreeing to go with him? Do I really love him enough to uproot my life and run off with him? It's such a big risk.

Sorry for the long post.. but I need some outsiders input. (Btw my family absolutely hates the idea of me moving out of state with him and have been trying to influence my decision)