DNA testing

Long story short the first time after I was left pregnant and alone my daughter saw her dad. It all started from Somehow my daughters dad new girlfriend found my page. She accused me of claiming to be a baby mama. I didn't respond. She went on to request my family members and piss people off. Long story with that but overall I don't like his new girlfriend. He then asked for a DNA test days later. He insisted we do a home test. No way in hell was I going to allow that nor do I trust him. I found a court certified place and after a month of him claiming to be broke I got fed up and paid for it thinking he would find  what he's already known because not once did he ask for a test  or deny her. I made him sign a note promissory letter  to pay me back in two weeks. He signed. The first time he saw his daughter was at the place , I was so upset I couldn't look his way. He avoided the results but I called and in fact he's the father. then after a week he texted saying he wanted to see her then reneged. Another week goes by he sent demands saying out of respect for his girlfriend he would not visit with our daughter at my place but instead meet me at a location to pick her up. At this point I was pissed  so I let him know the facts of 
She does not know you, so I will be present until I feel comfortable letting her go with you 
Second I don't want my baby around some chick he just met 
Third you haven't shown any consistency with our daughter 
Am I wrong for telling him off? I got a bad first impression of his Gf so I don't like her at all. Help me understand....