Megan • Nurse, wife, and mommy
So our second year anniversary is coming up and doubts are beginning to cloud my mind. I don't doubt my love for my husband or that we're meant to be, but I'm doubting my patience for him. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant w our second child. My husband is a hard worker looking to get promoted right now in his career which subsequently leaves myself and our family time w our LO on the back burner. It's been like this for quite some time :/ - about a year give or take. We haven't been intimate anymore due to pregnancy, we haven't been communicating very well lately bc of our work schedules. He doesn't show affection or any effort into making me feel important. He picks sleep over spending time with me. I feel like there's no verbal/ sexual satisfaction at all at this point. He's great with our baby girl still in which I'm grateful and we're civilized for the most part, until I lost my cool and blow up. I'm just really at a loss for words. Idk if it's bc of my emotional uncontrollable outbursts or what. I'm wondering when this weird phase of our marriage will fade. I know it got a bumpy start w the pregnancies back to back but I'm just hoping all this will pass and soon :( I miss the way we used to be before kids, responsibilities, before everything got so serious. Been together since 2011 😢