dilemma!!! SOS HELP!

Taryn • TTC for baby # 2
Okay so the top 2 pics are pregnancy tests obvi , I've never used the answer brand so idk how well they are but I know blue dye sucks ! (It came with one digital) but anyways I keep having dreams of me holding a baby, MY baby. (And I don't have dreams) but 6 days after I inseminated these dreams have been happening and SO vivid. Okay so I'm 3 days late . And figured okay today is the day. I go and take these 2 and I think I see faint positive on the clear blue idk about the answer so then I go and do the "ovulation test theory " (which works btw I did it with my first) and actually last month I did it again and the ovulation test came back negative as hell . and they are dark as shit . So should I go get a frer? and take the digital ? (Which I'm aware if I have low hcg) that it won't show up. I need help lmao