Worst Nail Salon Ive Been To

Crystall • ❤️11.13.12💜
Theres this salon in my town that all my girlfriends have been saying is amazing, ive seen pictures of their work on their facebook and instagram page so i figured i would give them a try. I had high expectations for this salon since they won an award for best nail salon of the year so i was expecting a fun experience.... It was not the experience i was hoping for. So i walked in asking for a nail service (mind you i was told they allow walk ins all the time) i was immediatly told by one of the owners that they were full for the rest of the day, so i thought whatever ill just make an appointment for another day. So my appointment was yesterday at noon so i arrived ten minutes early so i could sit and look at their color options. As soon as i walked in the same owner had asked me if i made an appointment, i stood their confused a second and said that i set one up with him a couple days ago when i came in. He continued for a good 5 minutes that i never came in a scheduled appointment until his wife (the other owner) gave in and said that i could have the anonymous spot for 12 that no one else came in and claimed yet.. So that right there made me think these people are shady to the point they didnt want me as one of their client. The wife then had told me to look at the color options on the wall while i wait for my nail technician, so im looking through them and picked the one i wanted and as i waited i noticed all the colors on the wall were not gel polish. A couple minutes go by and i get called over by an older lady, i sit down and say hello to her and i show her a picture on my phone of a nail design i wanted. The lady immediatly tells me that she doesnt know how to do that, so i tell her thats fine and i take out the polish i chose and tell her i want this color in gel, so she tells me she can go get it once she gets to the painting process. So throughout the time she was putting the acrylics on my nails it was quiet, it was only me and another girl in their getting our nails done. Then it came to the time to put the polish on and she takes the polish i brought over and was about to put it on my nails and i told her that i would like that in gel, she looks up at me and snaps at me that gel costs extra, i told her that was fine. The bitch rolls her eyes at me, says something in chinese and walks away to get the gel polish. At this point im fuming up on the inside, i cannot believe how these people are. After she puts on the gel polish she calls the owner over to put the design on one hand and she puts a top coat on the nails and told the lady to try on the other hand. So she does that but i noticed she doesnt put a top coat on the two nails with the design. So im sitting their with my nails under the uv lights and the lady got up and went to another client that had came in (mind you she said nothing to me, so i had no idea if she was done yet). A minute later she snaps over to me and tells me that im all done. I then get up and walk over to the counter and im looking at my nails and i remembered that she never put a too coat on two of my nails. As politely as could i told that i think she forgot to put a top coat on my two nails with the design... She looks at me with a face of digust and she says in the rudest way possible that she didnt forget to put a top coat on the nails. Im like fuck it, whatever i wanna get out of this place, im not gonna argue. So i give her the money and a very small tip, as im walking out i can hear the bitch saying how difficult i was as a client... Whatever, im over that place, they are highly over rated and nobody there is nice. So now today im gonna go to the salon i usually go to so i can get a top coat on my two nails she forgot about and tell my technician i usually see that she will be having me as a client until she retires...
Heres the pic of the nails if anyone was interested