Brown discharge

Of course everyone panics when they see something new and Googles it.. now I'm terrified of whatever could be wrong!

I'm on the pill, I skipped my first period last month and I'm supposed to get my period next week. I do have sex with my husband without a condom but we always pull out as just an extra step for the birth control.

I've been having some period like cramps on and off today and I just peed and wiped and I had brown discharge !! I'm worried to death of what it could be! Could it just be from skipping last month's period? If I hadn't skipped it last month this is the week I would be bleeding on my period normally.

Please help!!!

Also, we haven't had sex in over two weeks if that matters! A lot of stuff was about implantation bleeding. Not sure how long after sex implantation bleeding happens. But I ALWAYS take the pill correctly.