I hope this doesn't come off as insincere

(Hence the anon post)

I am in my 3rd month ttc #1. My husband and I have been having sex every day for four days now leading up to ovulation. In other words, ready access to sperm whenever I'd like it pretty much, our approach is to "carpet bomb" the egg if possible.

I have a coworker, she and her wife are trying for #2, and she has mentioned things in passing regarding ovulation and appointments, so I gather that once her wife ovulates, THEN they can go in for insemination and cross their fingers for the 2ww. I would imagine it's a similar process for a lot of folks, whether it is due to a lack of sperm in the relationship at all, or a low count, or whatever.

My point is this and I don't know how to say this sensitively. It would frustrate me to have to get the timing down to those specifics and not be able to just throw everything at it when we felt like it. I can't imagine adding in that extra level of complexity and I feel sorry for those that do, I don't know you do it, you've all got more patience and are more tough than I am.

Good luck to everyone, regardless of how sperm meets egg!