Okay guys I need a little advice. Me and my husband are currently split up, have been since the end of May. When we were together he was an AMAZING dad like I can't even say one bad thing about him until we split up then he stopped seeing our daughter, he doesn't ask about her, I beg him to come see her and he never shows up. He always claims he fell asleep or his cars messed up or he's just to busy with his POS friend (he's addicted to drugs, refuses to acknowledge his own children and he's like $50,000 behind in child support). I'm taking him for custody because our daughter is only 6 months old and he's been gone for a month so she doesn't know him, I go back to work this week and he is NOT gonna come pick her up and take off with her (he told his oldests daughters mom that when he was mad at me) Also the 2 times she's been in the hospital he ignored me for 2 days both times and since we're married we both have to agree to medical treatment which she can't get if he doesn't answer me. Like I said he was an amazing dad so I don't wanna take her away from him, he had a terrible childhood where his parents weren't around so his granny raised him and let's just say she isn't a great person. I caught him on Meet Me and other apps so instead of facing the music he took off, he literally doesn't know how to admit when he's wrong and doesn't know how to handle being told he's wrong so he usually just takes off until he thinks it's all forgotten he's done it since he was a teenager. Back to the point of this post though if I ask the courts for him to have to go to counciling what are the chances it'll be granted? I know for a fact that with his childhood and everything his ex put him through(She was really abusive and always used their daughter against him) he deeply needs it.