12th Week Appointment

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So long story ... My 12th week Appointment is coming up on the 25th of March... I have been to my Dr at 6w 2d because she had been treating me for infertility. So at the apt. Apparently she couldn't see anything on her scan which meant I "might" not be pregnant and it might be an ectopic pregnancy. I had to go through unnecessary blood work and then she send me to a hospital so they could do a vaginal scan and further tests to prove ectopic pregnancy. My husband and i was so bummed out .. anyway everything was fine at the hospital. I ended up taking advice from the hospital and changed doctors because she really annoyed me.. it pissed me off that she would just see me for 5 minutes and send me out. Then she did a scan at 8w 3d .. she never ever gave me the chance to ask her any questions or anything so i've never had the opportunity to find out more about the baby.. all she said was the baby is fine. She never even allowed me to bring the pictures with me .. she says she needs it for her use .. anyway we were frustrated with her. So I started going to the hospital and found out more information and found the sweetest Dr and she sent me to a health care center joined with the same hospital and now my apt is coming up and besides asking them is the baby fine .. What other questions should I be asking? This is my first time so any advice from the experienced moms would really be appreciated. I would like to be prepared for it.. thanks!