Shoutout to other halves

This is now our 3rd cycle and the last cycle was full of so much hope. Everything seemed to line up perfectly and than... it just didn't happen. I know he was more disappointed then he let on and I know he's been acting strong for me. "We have all the time in the world" he always says. 
Tonight after BDing I noticed that ever since we decided to TTC, DH will lay with me and hug me after sex. I lay on my back for about 5-10 minutes afterwards because I figure, why not? DH has always been a cuddled after sex but now there's something different about how he does it. He squeezes a little tighter and his kisses are a little bit deeper. Gives a girl butterflies and makes everything better. ❤️
Give a shoutout to the little things that your SO does that makes the days better. Come on ladies!