Late period or symptoms

Well today is my 5th day being late. I have no symptoms other that needing to go to the toilet more which started saturday. I was getting twinges on my right side and stitch like feelings on the left side. The right side twinges have gone and just a little stitch like feelings still today on left but not as bad. My boobs hurt yesterday but not today. I do feel quite bloated today actually. Well anyway, yesterday I went shopping and needed the toilet so I went then whilst walking around I needed to go again, on way back to my husband I came across faint for about 5 seconds then it went. Today whilst having my hair done, I was watching my hair being blow dried and all of a sudden my head and eyes went funny and started feeling like was leaning to the left I jumped and sat up straight. It again lasted for around 5 seconds. Could these be signs?