Who is at fault? Was the reaction reasonable?


I was reading an article today about a good samaritan who was helping a lost toddler. The parents freaked, beat him up, and then went on social media. According to the article:

"When I got there, I just swung on him," the father told WFTS. He acknowledged that he really didn't know whether the man was looking to kidnap his daughter but he said he doesn't regret assaulting him."


"The good Samaritan, who police identified as a father and a local businessman, was also targeted in a social media smear campaign, according to WLS. The station reported that the toddler's family posted the man's name, photo and place of employment online, referring to him as a child predator."


What do you think? Did the parents react reasonably? Should the man not have gotten involved? What about the social media posting? 


(Personally, my takeaway from this is that I'll never participate in naming-and-shaming on social media especially in cases where I can't confirm anything.)


Edited to add additional links! Here's the story at the Washington Post which reports the man had to flee town with his family for fear of their safety. 

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