Smh, mother strikes again!

Danielle • Jehovah is my rock. Future wife to Charlie Blow 💜💖💕
I'm 4 weeks and 5 days, this is my second baby. I'm excited about this blessing . My fiancée is very excited, so this is a wonderful. I'm 23 yrs old living on my own, but my mom still look at me as her little Girl. When I told her about my pregnancy, she tells me that she's disappointed. She wishes I would act smart. She offended me big time. It seems like she's negative about everything I do. I told her about my engagement she wasn't happy. Mind you, she hasn't met my fiancée yet. She doesn't want to meet him. I've been with this man going on 4 yrs. I love her, but they are times that I don't like her.