i need some advice

So me and this guy been like idk what to call it but i will give anything for this guy tbh like i always try my best too see him even tho my mom hates him but i love him soo i stay with him he had show me he loves me like when i stay over his house he shows me like he talks to me and tells me how he feels about me and everything he wana have with me and his goals with me and when we around his homeboy he respects me and take care of me and we act like we dating.
But then this time i texted him and he answer back when he said he was going to sleep i dont even know why i kept texting when i knew something bad was going on like i had a bad feeling about it but i kept texting and out of the nowhere he ask me my age that was really weird cause he already knew basically half of my life tbh soo idk but then out of the nowhere this girl on His acount send a picture of her saying to stoped texting her bf and all this and that im not going to lie i got really sad about it 😩cause why would he lie to me. 
But the next morning he texted me not on mesenger he texted me on snapchat he was like that his sorry for everything and that he loves me and that he want to be with me but that this girl always have to come between our relationship and his meseges so i told him"change your acount password " and he acted like he dint wanted too and now we texting still like boyfriend and girlfriend but idk what we are tbh😩😩im just really stuck up with this guy. I need some adviced like real talk plz .