CLOMID... Day 3 & Concerned


Hi I'm Jasmin! I'm 27 and trying TTC with my wife (same sex couple) we are on our second try after a non medicated natural <a href="">IUI</a> which ended in a BFN last month (I think we insemd to early) ... we were definitely upset and decided to try a medicated cycle this month I'm on Day 4 of 100mg Clomid today and will be going in for an ultrasound next week to see when/if we should trigger.

I've been totally over thinking this Clomid thing and feel that I should have only stuck to the trigger... To late for that ... I'm mostly stressed because I want a healthy baby and I'm so worried that this medication may cause birth defects... Do any of u have info?

Any advice, some of you ever try Clomid? How was the <a href="">baby development</a> and were there complications? Birth defects?

I'm just so very nervous.