Fight tips?

i just found out that my boyfriend whom im madly in love with has another girl on the side. i haven't decided if i want to break up with him yet because there's been some infidelity on my part as well and it would be hypocritical for me to cheat on him and then drop him when he cheats on me. but anyway this bitch he's been messing with called me on the phone. she says i was a dirty ass bitch, a worthless hoe, and that he didn't want me. then she told me she's coming to my job tomorrow to fight so be prepared. now usually i would just call the cops but i really wanna knock her out. not even because she's messing with my man but because the things she said pissed me off. and this isn't the first time someone's come at me like this and im tired of turning the other cheek. have any of you ever been in a fight and if so, are there any tips you can give me?
side note: all the comments telling me to not fight will be deleted because that's not an option at this point. so don't even bother. if you're not with the violence, then just keep scrolling.
edit: you guys clearly can't read because i clearly said if you're just going to tell me to not fight there's no point in commenting at all. i don't care if you don't think it's right because that's not what i asked. i need fight tips. thanks.