Is this ok?

Crystalina • Love being a mommy!!! Welcome to our baby girl, Marceline❤️
I told my mom we're having a girl so I said I'm not picky, any travel system with pink is good. She proceded to buy me a green Winnie the Pooh one which is whatever, at least I have something but I've worked in retail since I was 16. She bought ( basically forces the store to sell her) the display model and I told her that stores are not allowed to sell displays cause it's a liability issue since employees assemble the item themselves. She didn't care what I had to say, just because the item was on clearance. But they were all sold out and she demanded the store manager to sell it to her after 30 minutes of him explaining he cannot. I'm just so, I don't know. She doesn't look for quality she looks for bargains.