pre labor scare. er nursing staff so unprofessional

Alright.. well I'm in the labor and delivery ward. Excuse my language but this was literally 10 min ago and I'm now in my hospital bed in my gown. But I walk into the ER and it's dark as hell. I mean like it was literally the waiting room for hell. And the cop points to a electronic check in machine and I started to type stuff in and I was like this can't be right for someone with doctors orders to come in and for potentially preterm labor. They were super fucking rude to me because no body thought I was pregnant and they were trying to make me sign in on the machine and the nurse was like it's not hard it's pretty straight forward just calm down and do it. And I was being calm, I couldn't breath and was talking between breaths and she was like super bitchy and giving me a shit face until I told them I was 21 weeks and she was like you're what? And I said 21 weeks pregnant and she just paused and was like oh well yeah you need to go somewhere immediately    Duh. That's what I was trying to say. then the cop walked me from the emergency room to labor and delivery and was really nice then I got in here and they all looked up from the nurse desk and stared at me and the cop was like she's 21 weeks with doctors orders to come in and all the nurses are like your 21 weeks? Are you sure? When's your due date? And took out a fucking chart and was like yupp 21 and 1 day and I'm like I think I know how fucking pregnant I am.