Birth plan.

Annelise • 24. Married. I have a 2 year old and 1 year old sons.
Just wanting people's feedback if this is reasonable or not and is there anything I'm forgetting. I'm not entirely sure on what I need to have down. TIA
General Information 
 Name: Annelise Timony 
Partner's Name:  Steven Gott 
Doula/labor assistant: Nicole Boclair 
Due Date: April 30 2015 
Allergies: Amoxicillin 
Blood Type: A positive  
Rh Factor:  
Health Care Provider Name:  
Hospital/Birthing Center where you plan to deliver: Memorial Hospital 
Labor induction/augmentation 
If I go past my due date if baby and I's health is not at risk, I would prefer to be induced  
I would prefer trying the following methods to induce labor: 
 * Stripping or breaking membranes 
 * Walking
 * Pitocin
 I would like to bring music.
 I would like to wear my own clothes.
 I would prefer to stay in one room during labor, birth, and post delivery if available.
 I would like to be able to walk around, mobility is important to me.
 I would prefer a warm bath over walking. Please let me try that if I do not feel up to walking.
I would like the following equipment available to me. If unavailable, I would like to bring them with me, if possible. 
 * Birthing ball
 * Birthing pool or tub
I would prefer not to be given an enema  
 I would prefer no IV unless absolutely necessary.
 I would prefer no monitoring to be done if there are no signs of distress.
Anesthesia - Pain medication 
 I would prefer to try laboring without pain medication. I will ask if I would like something for pain. Please do not ask me.
First Stage of Labor 
 I do not want to be separated from my partner during labor or birth.
 I would like no time limits on laboring and prefer labor not to be augmented unless medically necessary.
I'd prefer not to have an episiotomy. 
Second Stage of Labor (pushing) 
 I would like coach and/or nurse to support my legs when I push.
 I would like to be able to try any position comfortable during pushing.
After Birth 
 I would like to have baby placed on my chest immediately after birth.
 I would like to have my partner cut the cord.
 I would like to have baby\'s first bath and assessment to be done in my presence.
 I do not wish to see my placenta after birth. Please do not show it to me.
 I would like baby to room in with me.
Cesarian Section 
 If c-section is necessary, I would like my partner present
 I would like to touch baby after birth.
 I would like partner to hold baby after birth.
 I would like to breastfeed baby as soon as possible.
 I do not want my baby to have a pacifier.
 I do not want my baby given any formula or water.
 I do not want to have my baby circumcised.
Additional Comments 
The only visitors aloud are the following:
 Nicole Boclair, Dylan Haggie, Alex Haggie, Steve Gott Sr., Melissa Ciley, Nicole Gott, Maranada Gott, Wayne Haggie 
Anyone not on this list is asked to leave.