Feeling alone , just frustrated

As most of you guys know because I stated before that my SO passed away in September. I found out I was pregnant after he passed. At first it didn't bother me as much, but now it affects me. I work part time as a cashier I stand up all day long. When I come home my legs are tired and they hurt so bad. I live with my mom now and sometimes she can be rude. Like when I have a long day and need to vent, she'll be like I'm tired and I don't feel like listening to you right now. Or when I say my legs hurt mom can you rub my feet for me she'll say I don't feel like it im not your BD. My friends are a different story. My best friend , when I need her or need to talk he bf butts in and takes her phone and says "Hey how are you, she can't talk to you right now she'll talk to you later" SHE LIVES WITH HIM !! When I need to talk to her I can't and I just cry :( because I have nobody . I'm so frustrated