bf on POF

So today I found my boyfriend of two years on POF after having a gut feeling something was def wrong when he denied me sex last night and actually yelled at me to stop. I searched using my friends account and he popped up, "looking for a relationship" and active 2 weeks ago. I'm hurt and I am sad to spend my first of many nights alone. I can't believe he told me he wanted a baby with me while all the while he was looking for love somewhere else... I'm supposed to start my period Monday and we've been trying for about 8 months now... I wonder if I'll start it as usual or with my luck of wanting one so bad, I'll get what I've been praying so hard for but after I find the love of my life stopped loving me. Plz send positive vibes my way I feel like when it rains it pours as I found out today as well that my aunt has stage 4 cancer on her bones. God please give me strength and guide me through this storm to where I'm meant to be!