I wish the apartments were smoke free

First of all let me start off by saying I live in an apartment with my husband. I am 30 weeks pregnant and want to raise my child in a clean home.
Our apartments allow you to smoke inside, but most of everybody goes outside. I don't have a problem with people who smoke cigarettes, but I do have a problem with marijuana. If you chose to smoke it then that's fine, but don't smoke it in the apartment. It comes through the vents/walls and has been making me sick for hours. Everybody at the apartments are social butterflies. We all know each other and get along really well. Everybody except the people in two different apartments who never come out unless they are going to work or to the store (which is fine because it's their choice). One of those two neighbors is never really home. The other one is always home and is right against my apartment. The first time I woke up and smelled the pot everybody was at work except for my neighbors right next to me. The smell of pot was so bad I ended up puking for hours and my throat/ears were burning. When my husband came home he told me what I was smelling because I didn't know it was pot. He forced me to sit outside while he aired the apartment out at 7:00AM. It took us FOUR HOURS to air the apartment out. Well yesterday when my husband left for work at 7:00PM I started to smell it more. I looked outside and only seen two cars home. One was my neighbor all the way on the other end who complained about the smell to me last time and the people right against me. It is now 5:00 AM and I have stayed up until 2:30 AM smelling pot and puking. I woke up at 4:00AM to my dog whining and licking me in the face and a contraction so bad I couldn't help but scream and cry. I'm not sure if it's Braxton Hicks anymore and actually have a doctors appointment today. I really want to cancel it because I just want to sleep and lay in bed; but I also know staying in the apartment and smelling this isn't good for me and I need fresh air. Besides what better place to go than the doctor right?
I'm so fed up as this is the second time it has happened and the police can't do anything without a search warrant.
Note: We have tried being sincere to them about the situation along with some other issues we have had with them in the past. I think they are still mad about their cat getting picked up by animal control. (It attacked three people at the apartments including children and none of which messed with the cat.) I'm done being the friendly neighbor.