My boyfriend doesn't support his child?

I am a stay at home mom and I was living with my boyfriend and his parents. Well he hasn't been supporting us financially.

So then the other day I got so mad, I moved back with my parents. I'm gonna start working again and they will take care of my son.

Here's the thing. He treats us very well and we get along great. He just never buys his son diapers or anything he needs. And since I am a stay at home mom I also need money for basic thing like gas. I'm not asking alot from him just things his child needs and basic stuff for me.

I have tried talking to him so many times I'm tired of the subject. He just says that yeah we'll get a bank account together but we never do. And when I bring it up again he just ignores it.

I feel like he shouldn't see his son now that I moved back because he doesn't even support him?