Feeling neglected

If I have to hear one more effing story about "oh, my husband just won't stop pampering me!" "I get leg/foot massages daily!" "My significant other surprised me with breakfast in bed!" Im going to jump off a damn roof.  I feel like I'm the only pregnant chick on the planet who's husband doesn't do these things.  I can't even get him to poke my feet with chopsticks...him actually rubbing them would be either a miracle or a harbinger of the apocalypse.  I feel like I've taken the roll of the neglected house cat that no one pays attention to...and if I say something about it I get bitched at, because I'm unreasonable or hysterical apparently.  Which I'm not.  I'm just tired and haven't been able to reach me feet for about a month now and would like my swollen elephant ankles rubbed every once in a while.