Is it possible for someone to slip you an abortion pill?


Maybe I'm just being paranoid here but something seems off.

I found out i was pregnant. 6 weeks. Everything was fine. Came home. Told my SO. He didn't seem to thrilled. Next day he went to work. About 2 hours after he was gone I got severe cramps. Felt like contractions. It was the worst pain i had ever had. I called 911 and ended up on a morphine drip. I know its tmi, but my stomach got screwed up and i had diarrhea, which is a side effect of the abortion pill. Withing 3 hours the miscarriage was done, hardly any bleeding and i passed the sack completely in tact, everything at once. It just dont seem right. Now i have one of his friends telling me she thinks he did something. And now i might be pregnant again, which i would be happy, but not if he made me have a miscarriage. And it would be easy for him to do this, our room is downstairs and he would get cups of water for me sometimes. I know it sounds crazy for me to think this but he's done questionable things in the past.