Frustrated with hubby

So, long story short... I am 6w 5d and I will be starting a new job this week. However, my insurance will not start until May 1st. Right now we have short term insurance while I was in between jobs but this insurance does not have any prenatal coverage (did not think I would need it when I signed up for it a few months ago). I was going to get full insurance just for the month of April so that I could go to my prenatal appointments and make sure everything was ok with the baby. My husband does not see the purpose of prenatal visits/other tests and does not want me to go to the doctor until the new insurance begins. I will be 35 when this baby is born and I know there are additonal risks because of that. I'm not too worried about it but I still want to make sure that everything is ok. Should I tell hubby to kick rocks and get real insurance to maintain my appointments? Or waiting 1 month wouldn't hurt?